HOW TO PLAY AMONG US? The game Amog Us Unblocked can actually be seen as 2 teams, the crew and the villains team. Wins by completing all missions or finding and eliminating all traitors before crewmates are killed; For the villains to win, the number of villains must be equal to the number of Crew Companions, or they must kill enough Crews before the sabotage countdown ends; The purpose of the ghosts is to help their living teammates by completing quests and sabotaging the Crewmate and Impostor ghosts respectively. When a villain commits a sabotage, it's either an immediate consequence (like all the lights go out) or a countdown begins and must be resolved before the sabotage ends, or all Crew mates will die. Sabotages can be resolved by players in various ways, depending on what sabotage is being done.